Animal Dildos Bring Out Your Wild Side!

For some, the ultimate kink are sex toys shaped like animal parts. Whether you're looking for dog dildos, horse dildos or other canine dildos, there are times when that search can be difficult. Here at Angel's Sex Toys we have a whole line of animal inspired sex toys including animal dildos, an animal tail butt plug, or BDSM gear that's great for puppy play. Get ready to explore your inner beast with animal sex toys from Angel's! 

animal dildos
One of our most popular items are animal dildos. These hand crafted sex toys are crafted to have the same look and feel as their actual animal counterparts. Dog dildos, horse dildos and wolf dildos all are made to order just for the individual who want to venture outside the human penis styled dildos. There are even wearable wolf dildos for when the role play really gets going!
animal dildo
Maybe you'd prefer to look more like the animals you are role playing? A butt plug tail can add another level of realism to your animal sex games! These glass butt plugs are adorned with actual animal fur for those who will not settle for anything less than the real thing for their tail butt plug. Feast your eyes on the Crystal Minx collection of butt plug tails!
wolf tail plugs
For those looking for something in the fantasy realm, the Crystal Delight's Tasha Reignbow Butt Plugs are made with faux horse hair and a glass butt plug with the same high quality as their realistic animal tails. These aren't just great for the girly girls - they are the perfect toy for Bronies and their lovers! 
wolf tail plugs
We are aware that a real fur tail butt plug isn't for everyone. Angel's Sex Toys also carries a number of animal tail butt plugs that are not made from actual animal fur, but still mimic the look that so many are after! Some adventurous lovers even use the pony tail plugs as impact toys for a bit of BDSM! 

glass butt plug with tail
Feathered "Bunny" Butt Plug Tail

realistic tail plugs

Glass "Pony" Tail Plug Small or Large

dog penis dildos

Glass "Pig" Tail Plug Small or Large

wolf penis dildos
PVC "Horse" Tail Plug Ribbed or Smooth

canine penis dildos
Lastly, we see a lot of bondage gear picking up on the animal sex toy theme. From puppy play to horse play, there is so much leather and lust just oozing from these items. We'd love to see some of these paired up with the animal butt plugs above for a complete look. Will you be a member of the pack, or the Owner leading your pup around?

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